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Visiting With Your Optometrist Right Away

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Getting Older And Can't See Well While Reading? What Causes This And Types Of Glasses To Help You See Better

Once you get older, your eyes change in that you have an increased chance of developing things like glaucoma, cataracts, and more. Another thing that becomes common as you age is not being able to see small print. This can be frustrating as it will make it difficult to read books, read menus, read magazines, and even see the text on your smartphone. Below is information about what causes this to happen as well as what you can do about it.


When your ophthalmologist says the word presbyopia, this may sound bad to you, and you may even be scared. You should not be, however, as this only means that you cannot read small print. This happens when the lenses in your eyes are not as flexible as they were when you were younger. When you lose this flexibility, you lose the ability to see well while you are looking down at small print or other things. Not being able to focus on things can be frustrating, especially if you have never had eye problems in the past. 

Besides not being able to focus, you may get watery eyes, and your eyes could even burn if you continue trying to focus. You may also get headaches while you are trying to focus, and your eyes will simply feel tired.

Types of Glasses

The first treatment option is to visit a pharmacy and purchase a pair of reading glasses. These glasses will work well for you. They can be frustrating, however, as you will have to take them on and off throughout the day. This is because if you look up through these glasses everything will appear to be very blurry. When purchasing these you will find they come in different strengths. Try them on until you find a pair that allows you to see the best.

To make things easier you should visit an ophthalmologist to get glasses. They can prescribe bifocal or trifocal lenses. These lenses are separated in that the bottom half is stronger than the top half. This allows you to see well while looking down and able to see well when you look up. There are also progressive lenses available that are the most common type of glasses used today.

If you do not want to wear glasses, your ophthalmologist can tell you surgical options that are available to you. This way you can decide what you would like to do.