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Visiting With Your Optometrist Right Away

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How New Smart Contact Lenses Can Help Diabetics

If you have diabetes, you know how dreadful it can be pricking your finger every day for monitoring your blood-sugar levels. You may have sore fingertips, making it even more uncomfortable. The good news is thanks to innovative, smart technology, you may not have to worry about pricking your finger tip every day. Find out more about the advancements being made in contact lenses for diabetics.

Smart Technology That Is Small And Amazing

Pharmaceutical researchers and Google are working together to bring diabetics tools to make their daily lives easier and to help make managing diabetes simpler. Google has created a contact lens that has a tiny sensor, antenna and chip encapsulated inside it. Diabetics that will wear these contact lenses can enjoy no finger-pricking and easy-to-read results for blood sugar monitoring on a small wearable computer or their smartphones. Google unveiled its new lenses in 2014. Clinical trials begin in 2016, a huge step forward for helping diabetics manage their disease and to decrease the impact that management has on their lives. The sensors in these contact lenses read glucose levels through the tears in the eye and they do this every second of the day.

Greater Benefits Than Just Fewer Finger Pricks

Diabetes impacts your eyes, and many sufferers developing glaucoma and retinopathy at a younger age than average. Because of the vision issues caused by diabetes, wearing glasses or contact lenses is common. With the new technology in contact lenses for blood sugar monitoring, you can experience two benefits in one medical product, saving you money for test strips and devices for reading them. You can also save the time it takes you each day to prick your finger and use a test strip monitor. For diabetics that work full time, the time savings can be a huge benefit.

Because of the high risk of glaucoma developing in diabetics, a medical company has already produced contact lenses that monitor the eyes for the onset of glaucoma. Glaucoma-sensing contact lenses have already received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The data recorded by contact lenses for glaucoma sends the information to a smartphone or to your doctor. The same patient/physician messaging capabilities will be available in contact lenses being developed by Google for blood sugar monitoring.

New technology is making its way in the medical community for easing pain and helping to easily manage serious diseases. After clinical trials are completed, Google's new blood-sugar monitoring lenses should be available for everyone. Learn more discussing these lenses with your eye doctor or an optometrist like Jeffrey C. Fogt, OD.