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Visiting With Your Optometrist Right Away

I have never been much of a worrier, but when I started experiencing light flashes and floaters in my vision, I knew that something had to be wrong. I was dealing with sudden and unexplained eye pain, and I was concerned about what it might mean for my vision. Instead of ignoring the issue, I headed straight to the eye doctor's office to get the help that I needed. They carefully evaluated the issue, and my doctor told me that I had detached retinas. This blog is all about saving your vision through quick and efficient actions and knowing how to get the help that you need.



Questions About Contacts

If you need to wear corrective lenses in order to see correctly, then you may have an interest in getting contact lenses. If you haven't tried contacts before and they are something that you have been thinking about trying, then you can learn a lot about what they have to offer and other things you can expect by reading this article. It will answer a lot of the questions people often have about contact lenses, as well as provide you with answers.

Are contacts easy to get used to wearing?

In most cases, it won't take long at all for you to get used to having contacts in your eyes. In fact, you should feel fine with them in after only a few minutes in most cases. They are made from a thin, flexible material that forms to the eye. However, if you have a condition that requires you to wear hard contact lenses, then it may take you a bit longer to get used to them. Hard lenses are thicker and they will feel like you have something in your eyes each time you blink. This feeling will happen until the insides of your eyelids develop small callouses.

What's it like putting contacts in?

Once you get over the anxiety of putting something in your eyes and learn the maneuvers, it should be simple to put them in. You want to use clean hands and use the middle finger and thumb of one hand to hold your eyelids open. Then, put the contact in your eye with the middle finger of your other hand. Look toward your nose so the contact goes mostly on the white of your eye, so it won't be as bothersome. Once the contact is in your eye, you can blink and it will adjust so it is sitting on the correct art of your eye.

How do you care for contact lenses?

Contact lenses are easy to care for. You only need to worry about cleaning them before you store them and cleaning them again with the solution before you put them in your eyes. Always wash your hands well and rinse all the soap off before you touch your contacts. To clean them, put plenty of solution on them and rub them between your thumb and your index finger. Always store them in the storage case with plenty of soaking solution in it. Make sure the lid is on tight when they are inside of it. Contact a doctor, such as De Venuto Joseph J for more information.