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Visiting With Your Optometrist Right Away

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Four Eyeglass Frame Materials Worth Looking Into

When you choose eyeglasses, you need to think carefully about the type of material you choose because there are a bevy of materials to choose from. Options include beryllium, memory metal, stainless steel, various plastics, nylon, and more. Each material behaves differently, and rather than try to make your choice in the heat of the moment when your eye doctor presents you with different frames, you should have some understanding of your options before you go into the situation. 


If you live by the ocean or spend a lot of time out on the ocean, you want to look for a frame material that will not corrode. Beryllium is a lightweight metal that resists corrosion better than other metals. This makes it a good choice for anyone who lives or has to work in a corrosive environment. 

Memory Metal

If you are hard on your glasses, then you need a material that will stand up to rough wear. Children, for example, are notoriously tough on their glasses. Memory metal will bend back to its original shape when bent. Thus, when kids get in pillow fights, sibling wrestling matches, or engage in other activities that could mangle eyewear, the glasses should bounce back to their original shape. 


If you have metal allergies, but you like the style of metal frames, then titanium is a good choice because it is hypoallergenic. In fact, titanium reacts so little with the human body, that it is a common material used in knee or hip replacements. Titanium is also a lightweight metal, so if your eyeglasses give you fatigue after long wear, titanium is an option that can stay comfortable no matter how long you wear them each day. 


Some plastics do not do well when exposed to heat. For example, if you leave your glasses in the car, the heat from the car can cause your frames to warp and change shape. Some plastics also get brittle when exposed to cold temperatures and can degrade under sunlight. Nylon is more stable and flexible than other plastics, so it makes a good choice for people who live an active lifestyle and/or spend a lot of time outdoors where temperature extremes and sun exposure would be more of a concern. 

Style should not be the only consideration when you choose a pair of frames for your eyeglasses. Discuss allergies, acidic skin, problems you have had with past frames, the type of activities you like to engage in, and any other factors that you think might affect your eyeglass comfort. Having this conversation with your eye doctor and inquiring about frame materials that you think will work well for your needs will help you to make sure that you get eyeglasses that will keep you comfortable. Click for more information.